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50th Reunion Recap


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Priscilla Beck

Mickey Conway

Kathleen Cronin Conway

George Guarnieri

Linda Petras McMahon

Carol Marcovecchio Miller

Bob Sikora

Joe Vukovich

Bob Williams

Carol Curtis Wilson


Special Thank You


Jim Tucciarone

for all the wonderful photos of the Reunion weekend !!


ATTENDEES Classmates Guests Total
Mixer 118 56 174
Golf 21   21
Dinner 126 64 190
Mass     45
Brunch 63 32 95

Reunion Mixer Attendees

Connie Altier Don Ferrante Joan Mazei Janice Smith
Joseph Ambrose Kathleen Fleming Denny Mitchell Bob Snyder
Bill Angle Tim Franklin Michael Moran Dolores Sonoga
Cynthia Barbato Mary Pat Fergus Barbara Muempfer Rosemary Stefan
Ron Barber Tony Galose Marilyn Muennich Bob Stefko
Lois Battafarano Bill Gambrel Ron Mullins Bob Stevens
Priscilla Beck Martin Garchar Sandra Naples Christine Stevens
Ginnie Bernard Gloria Gennaro Dennis Nellis Mary Celeste Sturgeon
Rosemarie Bianco Matt Giambattista Elaine Nemcik Phil Suarez
Bob Bindas Anne Grena  Kathy O’Neil Ginnie Sullivan
Tom Block George Guarnieri Denny Ockerman John Surry
Geri Brahney Ron Hagan John Oleksa Jerry Sweed
Terry Brett Richard Hahn Andrea Palovich Rosemary Tabor
Art Canada Jim Handel Margo Patrick Carol Thomas
Mike Cannatti Bernadette Hayek Phyllis Pochiro Ed Thomas
James Carsone Richard Holzschuh Marion Poidmore Mickey Tomaskovich
Karin Celli John Hornak Marilyn Poidmore Jim Tucciarone
Mary Edith Christopher Carol Houlihan Dominic Pregi John Vogrin
Edward Cisek Sharon Hoza Frank Prologo Gregory Vranches
Dennis Clouse Elaine Hura Mary Ann Rees Joe Vukovich
Mickey Conway Marie Ianazone Judy Rochford Bob Williams
Marilyn Cretella Nick Julian Stephanie Rosselli Joe Yannerella
Kathleen Cronin Theresa Kirkner Kathleen Ruble Carol Zamary
Carol Curtis David Kulik Kathleen Rudy Rosemary Zarlenga
Edward Czopur Ginnie Kutsko Jim Scarnecchia Renee Zavodni
Tom Dailey Richard LaCivita Rosemary Schaffer Mr. Giambattista
Bob Dota John Lynch Robert Schmalzried Mr. Ulicney
John D’Urso Len Mady Bob Sikora Mr. Shook
Bob Edwards Carol Marcovecchio Ellen Sinkovich  
Barbara Essad Joe Marinelli

Janice Slanco


Reunion Dinner Attendees

Connie Altier Barbara Essad Joe Marinelli Robert Schmalzried
Joseph Ambrose Mary Pat Fergus Joan Mazei Barbara Sertick
Bill Angle Don Ferrante Kathleen McEvoy Bob Sikora
Barbara Aurilio Kathleen Fleming Denny Mitchell Janice Slanco
Cynthia Barbato Rosemary Gallagher Mary Ann Mlynarski Bob Snyder
Ron Barber Tony Galose Michael Moran Dolores Sonoga
Robert Bartok Gloria Gennaro Barbara Muempfer Joyce Spangel
Lois Battafarano Matt Giambattista Ron Mullins Nick Srnec
Priscilla Beck Joseph Giliberto Terry Murphy Bob Stevens
Ginnie Bernard Steven Gondel Elaine Nemcik Mary Celeste Sturgeon
Rosemarie Bianco  Margie Greene Kathleen O’Neil Phil Suarez
Tom Block George Guarnieri Denny Ockerman Virginia Sullivan
Geri Brahney Ron Hagan John Oleksa Jerry Sweed
Terry Brett Jim Handel Andrea Palovich Rosemary Tabor
Joe Calucchia Bernadette Hayek Margo Patrick Marietta Thomas
Mike Cannatti John Hornak Linda Petras Carol Thomas
Anthony Cardiero Carol Houlihan Paul Philibin Edward Thomas
Linda Carfora Sharon Hoza Phyllis Pochiro Mickey Tomaskovich
Nancy Chismar Elaine Hura Marion Poidmore Kathleen Tombo
Mary Edith Christopher Richard Johnson Marilyn Poidmore Jim Tucciarone
Edward Cisek Gordon Keenan Mike Policy John Vogrin
Dennis Clouse Theresa Kirkner Dominic Pregi Gregory Vranches
Mickey Conway Kathleen Kish Frank Prologo Joe Vukovich
Joseph Costello David Kulik Mary Ann Rees Bob Williams
Marilyn Cretella Virginia Kutsko Judy Rochford Jack Wilster
Kathleen Cronin Richard LaCivita Stephanie Rosselli Margaret Wynne
Patricia Cullen John Lynch Kathleen Ruble Joe Yannerella
Carol Curtis Charles Machuga Kathleen Rudy  Carol Zamary
Edward Czopur Patty Machuga Barbara Sertick Rosemary Zarlenga
Robert Dota Leonard Mady Jim Scarnecchia Renee Zavodni
John D’Urso Rosemary Maksimowski Rosemary Schaffer Mr. Giambattista
Bob Edwards Carol Marcovecchio Anna Marie Schiavone Mr. Ulicney

A Special Note from Mr. Ulicney

January 16, 2017

Before 2016 is completely past our memory there is one very important, very enjoyable,and special thank you I need to make. To the Ursuline Class of 1966, than...k you for a most spectacular "50th" Reunion Weekend. I put this off as long as I could because there were so many who worked to make the reunion a success by working on committees, or by attending after traveling great distances, or by making great sacrifices of time and money. that I was afraid I might miss thanking someone and make them feel slighted. (Yes I know that was a "run-on" sentence.) It is, however important that I make a few acknowledgements . Nick Srnec, you did an outstanding job of setting the "Class of 66" web page(have I got that right, I'm not real good with the computer, and I can type only with my left hand...but I digress......), thanks Nick. George Guarnieri, at great personal sacrifice made "The Fifth Floor" available for the Fri. evening mixer (wow),and the Sun.morning brunch, thanks George. Mickey and Kathy Cronin Conway, for keeping me informed and making all of the arrangements, thank you. To John D'Urso and his lovely wife for driving me to the Friday mixer, and to Matt Giambattista for taking me home after the mixer(very, very late....sorry Matt), thank you. On June 28th, I turned 80, on July 11th, I had open heart surgery(everything went well), and your reunion in Aug. was the first time I could attend events outside of my home, so it was special. Thanks to all of you at the Saturday dinner.....I tried to talk with as many as possible sorry Joe( Gilberto)we didn't get to talk more....but I was getting very tired and my wife took me home. I couldn't make the Mass or brunch....I was exhausted....but very happy. Please understand that all of you that I taught or had contact with, ALL the years at Ursuline are special, but the "Class of 66" was unique. When you were Freshmen was my first year also. I had a Freshman homeroom and taught you in Gen. Sci. . When you were Sophomores I had a Sophomore homeroom, taught you in Bio., and was Sophomore Class Adviseor. When you were Juniors.Mr. Beck and I were co-chairmen for the prom. When you Seniors I had a Senior homeroom,and taught you in Sen Sci.. You went on to the university (Y.U....Y..S.U.), and I followed, with many associations there. We started together; we've grown up together; and we will grow old together......but at 80, I'm going to grow older much faster. What great years they have been. It is the journey, not the final destination that is "golden" and most remembered. Thank all of you for a great trip, a great journey and a great life.I will post this. Please forward to as many classmates as possible.Nick if you could "magically" get this on the U.H.S.Class of 66 web page I would appreciate the help. No, I don't have a copy, sorry Nick. Thanks again to all. Mr.U.(John).