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General comments submitted by Classmates!!

Posted by Mike Cannatti

March 2, 2016

Just saw Bill Gambrel's posting re: Art Canada.
Art is and always has been a wonderful person, unfortunately like so many of us, we lost touch over the course of years. I reconnected with Art via FB a year or so ago and learned of his fight with cancer. Having a daughter who's a cancer survivor, I could identify more closely with his personal fight. He never talked much about his battle ... the class act he always has been.
I join Bill and so many of our Class of 66 classmates in sincere prayer and God's blessings for Art and his family.

Posted by Bill Gambrel

February 15, 2016

My Amy and I remain in close contact with Art Canada. As many of you know, he is fighting for his life and this point remaining upright in his battle with Leukemia. We visited him at Christmas and will see him again in March. Art exercises his faith every day resting his fate in God's hands. His attitude is positive. Florida guy that he is, he froze during most of 2015 when he stayed in Boston where he underwent bone marrow transplant, his donor and perfect match his brother Rick. We all remember how handsome Art is. I told him that after being to hell and back, he still looks better than he did over fifty years ago when we first became friends. Good humor aside, Art appreciates and believes in the power of prayer. More than ever, he needs ours now. Please remember Art Canada. He's a kind soul who needs us more than you can imagine. Love to all, Bill

Posted by various classmates

These comments were originally posted to the “In Memory” page for John O’Donnell who lost his life in VietNam.  I have moved them here to the “Classmates Comments” page as to not detract from the memory of our fallen classmate. 

Any general comments/opinions regarding the removal of the following comments from the site were deleted since I moved them here.

William Angle

I ran track with Pat and I remember when he died in Vietnam so quickly. Here I was away at college and he was dead in a place I couldn't even find on the map and for what?  It made me question everything about the war way back in '66.  I made a lot of people at conservative Wake Forest in the South mad at me when I march in protest of the war and participated in protest meeting and the like. Even my football coaches didn't like it as they thought it wasn't right for atheltes to be politically active in those days. I didn't gave a damn and did what I wanted to do and the more I investigated and dug into the USA's involvemnet in Vietnam, the more I saw it as a money making scheme and that the gov't was lying to it's people, all of which have been proven!!!  So many boys died in SE Asia for NOTHING and Pat was one of the first. When I saw his name on the Vietnam Monument in DC, I cried that he had died for nothing; That his country had lied to him.  How sad.

I want to add that two of my students and one teammate from Wake Forest went on to work for the CIA and over the years let me know a lot of information about the goings on within our secret gov't.  Most of the time I'd have to research for years in order to get the backup materials to be able to use it in the classroom but when I did, wow did it cause a fury.  Best thing was the facts over rode opinion.

Thomas Block

It's hard to make a comment.  At this minute, you just want to cry or curse or scream.  For me, the only thing I can offer John for what he gave is to do my best to keep others from being killed in useless and unjust wars an even just wars if there is such a thing, to make it somehow more difficult for the bought politicians to arrogantly eulogize those they have sold out.  I look at individuals and corporations who have lied to others and themselves and I try to place them somewhere within Matthew's beatitudes and then ask what have I done.  What have I done?

William Angle

David Novak if you don't like what Tom Block wrote about the Vietnam War that took our Friend John O'Donnell's life, then you better not read mine #4 because it is more bitter then his and far more truthful too.  I'm not into censorship on any forum and definitely not here.  John should be with us today if not for a corrupt, lying gov't of his time.

Robert Grace

if you went to Vietnam and served in the armed forces then complain about the war. If you stayed home and protested then just shut up. Pat was a good man and this kind of crap should not be posted on his site

Thomas Block

I would preferably like to drop the subject, but apparently I've caused some hurt and pain.  So, please, let me try to assuage the hurt.  I think I was misunderstood, or, I hope that I was.  

When I moved to California a few years ago, I became, not politically active, but what I like to call it: economically active.  Lately, I've taken on Monsanto and agribusiness in general.  Lately, Dow has mixed a probable carcinagen, glyphosate, with another chemical known simply as 2,4-D in its weed killer, Enlist Duo.  Perhaps some of you who were in Nam recognize it as the active agent in agent orange.  Try to understand that Dow wants you to spray this stuff on your weeds where your kids play, where your pets roam, where you mow your lawn.  The other active ingrediant, glyphosate, is already in your body.  You eat it; you drink it; you pee it.  Senators and congressmen don't want you to know it.  Right now, they are trying to hide that fact from you by passing what is known as the "Dark Act."

When my friend Joe returned from Nam, agent orange had already screwed him up.  Somehow, he passed this down to his daughter who now has uterine cancer and some other disease linked to agent orange.  She has fought tooth and nail to get government coverage for her disease.  Now that I have returned to Ohio, I hope to help her since her father is now dead.  The sponsors of the "Dark Act" and their supporters are the same people who make it difficult for Joe's daughter to get help.  They are the same people who want to privatize the VA.  They are the same people who resisted fixing the VA earlier last year when Sanders and McCain introduced legislation.             

These are the people that I don't want eulogizing our vets just for publicity!!!!!!!!!