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Website Updates & Hints

Greetings classmates:

There have been several recent improvemens made to the website.  As a result of all the reunion photos that have been added, it was necessary to upgrade from the Premium to the Platinum Membership package which provides 1 gb of storage space (5 times the original 200 mb).  In addition, other functionality has been added.

PLATINUM - Platinum Membership offers Four Benefits not included in the Premium Plan:

1.  Live Chat - Live Chat with other Classmates including webcam, YouTube video, and Photo sharing capabilities. Also start private group chats using the Live Chat system.

2.  Instant Messaging - Chat one-on-one privately with other members while you browse around the site. It's a great way to say hello to your Classmates instantly any time.    Note: Instant Messaging can be enabled or disabled by each individual member.

3.  Storage Space - The Platinum Plan comes with 1 gigabyte of storage space, five times more than the 200 megs offered with the Premium Plan. If you plan to upload numerous files, photos or videos to your web site the Premium Plan is an ideal solution.

You will notice in the panel to the left, there is a "Live Chat" button.  When you click on it a Live Chat screen will open and you will be able to message other classmates who are on at the same time.  I have tested it with a couple classmates and it appears to work fine.  As always, should you experience any difficulties, please let me know and I'll troubleshoot the issue.

I am in the process of putting names to the reunion pictures with the help of Mickey Conway.  Once we are finished, we may still need to solicit your assistance.

Thanks for your patience during this ongoing process.